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Born in El Paso, Texas

My name I Carolyn, I am an artist born and raised in the Southwest who has dedicated
their life to the pursuit of creativity. I have explored the world though color seeking out the
hidden beauty most of us are too busy to see. There is beauty in everything if we just “stop and
smell the roses.” My art is a reflection of my soul. I incorporate aspects of myself, what inspires
me, and how I interpret the world around me. I incorporate my passion for nature, animals and
the point of view I take on the world into each artwork I create. My goal is to bring beauty to the
attention of those skating through life in an unconscious state. Most of my work explores the
natural beauty in our detailed surrounding. I paint relations between objects and colors to create
the most impact to the viewer. Seeing light and reflection seems to grasp my attention and
inspire me to highlight these components to inspire people to look around them with new eyes.
It is in art that I communicated my most deep and inner though. It is there I tell the whole truth
and reveal my authentic self.